My Animal Background

So why do I specialise in animal and zoological proofreading? Well, I touched on it a little in my ‘About Me’ section, but for 20 years, I worked in the UK zoo industry starting many moons ago as a trainee keeper and working my way up to managerial level, working in several leading UK zoological collections. My experience was extensive, having worked with a broad range of taxa and species before specialising in hoofstock and carnivores.

Academic-wise, during my time as a keeper, I gained further qualifications including studying and completing the two-year DMZAA (Diploma in Management of Zoological and Aquaria Animals) at Sparsholt College, an industry qualification that touched up my previous knowledge and strengthened my knowledge in other areas.

I also was able to write several scientific papers that were published, as well as present at major UK conferences including writing and presenting on the UK’s first White Rhino/Cheetah mixed exhibit.

I was also an active member of ABWAK (Association of British Wild Animal Keepers) which allowed me to network further with fellow zoo keepers as well as travel to other collections to participate and share my own knowledge in taxa and species-specific workshops.

Heading into a management level, I oversaw a large team and section, with multiple species which also opened the opportunities of putting together training protocols, standard operating procedures, dietary and medicinal procedures and much more, which again furthered my knowledge into a more advanced element than I previously had done.

Couple all of the above together and it creates a huge array of animal knowledge that will suit your work perfectly.

So here I am, with over 20 years of animal adventures under my belt, ready to sprinkle my proofreading magic on anything animal-related. Whether it’s polishing your prose or fact-checking with my beastly knowledge, I’ve got you covered. Let’s make your work roar with excellence!