Terms and conditions


  • All terms and conditions apply to any work done for the Client by Matt Thompsett, trading as Hatters Editorial Services.
  • The Client is of no obligation to offer Matt Thompsett work; neither is Matt Thompsett under any obligation to accept work the Client offers.
  • Matt Thompsett will provide a proofreading service only as mutually agreed upon and confirmed in writing by the Client.



  • A sample of the work will be provided to determine a suitable quote. This sample must accurately reflect the work provided by the Client.
  • The Client must provide a relatively accurate word count of the project provided (to the nearest hundred or thousand would suffice.
  • Quotes will be provided in writing by email.
  • If any changes are made to the length of the project by the Client, then the quote may change to reflect this based on agreement by both the Client and Matt Thompsett.
  • Quotes will be for one proofread only unless previously stated.



  • The Client will receive a written estimated timescale for Matt Thompsett to complete the work, which will be provided by email.
  • If the Client requires a deadline, this will be confirmed in writing by email, with Matt Thompsett acknowledging this in writing by email.
  • Matt Thompsett will send written confirmation upon receiving the entire project, which will be provided by email.
  • In the unlikely event that any external circumstances affect the possible delay of the discussed deadline, this will be communicated at the earliest opportunity by Matt Thompsett by writing in email.


Quote Revisions:

  • If, once receiving the work, Matt Thompsett finds there is significantly more work to be done than previously discussed, Matt Thompsett may renegotiate the fee or deadline.
  • If, whilst completing the work, the Client asks for further significant tasks to be completed on the proposed work, Matt Thompsett may renegotiate the fee or deadline.
  • Matt Thompsett reserves the right to return any project if it becomes apparent that there are concerns about the work (such as there needing to be much more work completed than discussed initially).



  • Matt Thompsett will do his utmost to ensure all work is correct and error-free; however, no guarantee can be made of this.
  • Matt Thompsett will not be liable for any losses of any kind from missed errors or editorial advice provided. Matt Thompsett will not be liable for any consequential, indirect or special loss/damage. Matt Thompsett will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from any event(s) beyond his reasonable control.
  • Digital editing means Matt Thompsett will highlight any errors during the proofread, but it is not down to him to action these changes.
  • Matt Thompsett is not responsible for any factual errors in the content of the Client’s work.



  • Any content created by Matt Thompsett during the editing process will become the Client’s copyright unless otherwise agreed.



  • If the Client cancels within 48 hours of the proposed time of starting the work, Matt Thompsett has the right to charge for time lost by him.
  • Any agreed advanced payments are non-refundable if the Client then cancels.


Breach of Contract:

  • Both the Client and Matt Thompsett have the right to terminate the contract if either party has breached terms.
  • This agreement is subject to laws provided by the English and Welsh court system, and both the Client and Matt Thompsett agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts.



  • Matt Thompsett confirms he is self-employed and responsible for all his income tax and National Insurance contributions. He will not claim benefits granted by the Client’s employees.
  • Matt Thompsett does not charge VAT and does not have a VAT registration number.
  • International (non-UK) clients are responsible for all conversion rates.
  • All advance rates are non-refundable unless Matt Thompsett cancels the project.
  • An invoice will be sent to the Client once the project is completed unless there is a pre-agreed fee for an advanced payment in which an invoice will be sent before the project is started.
  • The Client has no right to reduce the quoted and agreed fee.
  • Unless agreed otherwise at the outset, payment will be made within 14 days of receipt of Matt Thompsett’s invoice, according to the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 (amended 2002 and 2013).


Promotional Material:

  • Any promotional material used by Matt Thompsett, including a short feedback quotation on the Hatters Editorial Services website, may be used unless the Client has verbally agreed otherwise.


Data Protection:

  • Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Client and Matt Thompsett may keep such information (e.g. contact details) as is necessary on record. Either may view the other’s records to ensure they are relevant, correct and current.